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Welcome to the 2023 Metro Omaha Wolves Socctoberfest

Rules for the 2023 Metro Omaha Wolves Socctoberfest

This is only a summary of the tournament rules - please download and familiarize yourself with the official tournament rules before starting the tournament. Thank you!

Download Rules (PDF)

This is an unrestricted tournament. Teams and Players with valid rosters and passes from USSF affiliated clubs (USSSA, US Club Soccer, AYSO, US Youth Soccer, etc.) may participate without further proof of membership or insurance. Other teams should contact the tournament director about insurance and other requirements (proof of good standing with your state association, etc.) for participation.

Team rosters are limited to 10 players for U7 & U8 teams, 14 players for U9 & U10 teams, 18 players for U11 & U12, and 22 players for U13 and older age divisions (only 18 can play in a game). Players may play for up to two teams in this tournament, but only for one team in a given division. Four (4) guest players with proper documentation will be allowed on a team. Contact the tournament directors if you need more guest players, written authorization is required for this before the tournament starts. Rosters may not change once a team has checked in at the beginning of the tournament.

Player and coach passes will be checked prior to each match. Teams must be properly checked in at the team check-in. All teams must have Players and Coaches Passes with photographs attached and signed. All player and coach passes shall be laminated. ONLY Players or Coaches with valid passes should be allowed on the team's sideline area. All others should stay on the spectators' side of the field. If a team has more than 18 players on the tournament roster, ONLY the 18 that are playing in a given game may be on the team's bench for that game.

Coaching for two teams in the tournament is the ONLY reason we will entertain a request for special scheduling. Please note in the comments on your application if you are coaching more than one team in the tournament. The tournament committee shall make every effort to avoid conflicts and/or put your games near each other for logistical convenience if you are coaching two teams. If you are coaching more than two teams then no guarantees can be made that there won't be some conflicts - be prepared to have an assistant coach take over for some games, and please note in the comments which team(s) have assistant coaches to help us in scheduling all your teams.

The tournament committee shall consist of the Tournament Director, Director of Officials or their designated site representative, and designated members of Host Club. All issues and concerns relating to the tournament shall be directed to the Tournament Committee. The decisions of the Tournament Committee are final.

SEE THE OFFICIAL RULES FOR THE FULL PROTEST AND APPEALS PROCESS. Protests of game outcomes will be considered for tournament rules violations only. Protests based on decisions or judgment calls by referees will not be considered valid. All referee decisions are final. All protests and appeals must be made in writing to the tournament director or his / her representative at a venue no more than one hour after the completion of a game per the procedures outlined in the official rules. Protests must be made by the head coach only, per the roster presented at check-in, or by a rostered assistant coach in cases where the head coach was not present during the game in question. Any protests from parents, players, other club officials, or spectators will not be considered.

The following reasons are the most typical types of protests that will be considered, with conclusive documentation.
- Use of an Ineligible Player (not on roster, improper age, properly rostered but playing secondary on a second team in the same division)
- Use of a dismissed or suspended player - a dismissed player returning to the field in the same game, or playing in a subsequent game after being suspended.
- Coaching by a dismissed or suspended coach (whether from the bench area or from the vicinity of the field).
- Use of more than 18 players during a game (11v11 games).

Play will be governed by the FIFA Laws of the Game, except where amended by US Youth Soccer Rules of Play, the State Soccer Association and/or the SoccotoberFest Tournament Rules. These rules may be modified before the beginning of tournament play. The final Tournament Rules will be published at the Tournament Headquarters Tent located near the entrance of the La Vista Sports Complex, and at a central location at any other venues used.

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make temporary modifications if special circumstances dictate for the good of the tournament.

PLAY OUT LINE / BUILD OUT LINE (Under-9 and Under-10)
The Build Out Line or Play Out Line is NOT used for this tournament.

In games where assistant referees are not used only the center referee shall call offside. Club or Parent linesmen, if asked by the center referee to participate, will not call offside in any situation. Offside for all age groups will be per FIFA and USSF.

There will be no intentional heading in any Under-11 or younger games. An intentional header will result in an indirect free kick being awarded to the opponent at the spot of the infraction. If an intentional header occurs within the goal area, an indirect free kick will be awarded on the goal area line parallel to the goal line of the nearest point to where the infraction occurred.

Teams will be expected to play according to the schedule of games regardless of weather. Only the Tournament Director(s) may reschedule games or alter the competitive format because of inclement weather or other just cause. Games shall be considered complete if one half has been completed and play is stopped by the Field Marshall or Referee, Director of Referees or the Tournament Director(s). When necessitated by playing conditions or just cause, the game format may be altered to included shortening of games, penalty kicks or coin tosses.


Age Group           Format     Game Time          Ball size

Under 7 - 8         5 v 5      4 x 10 min halves       3 * teams may play 4v4 with both coaches' agreement
Under 9 -10         7 v 7      2 x 25 min halves       4
Under 11-12         9 v 9      2 x 30 min halves       4
Under 13 and Older 11 v 11     2 x 35 min halves       5

If game balls are not provided by the tournament, the home team shall be responsible for providing a ball deemed suitable for game use by the referee.

Half time of all games shall last no longer than 5 minutes.

Tie scores at the end of regulation time will stand as is in all preliminary games.

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to shorten game times in order to keep the tournament on schedule. If the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee shall have the authority to change the above format as follows:
(1) Relocate and/or reschedule any games,
(2) Shorten game times,
(3) Cancel games in preliminary rounds which have no bearing on group winners
(4) Modify rules for tiebreakers in case all games are not played in full.

If games are stopped because of inclement weather after the preliminary rounds, the two top point teams in each division will be declared winners.

If a game is delayed for any reason, coaches are responsible for obtaining the new start times from Tournament Headquarters. Failure to comply and be present at the new start time will result in a forfeiture of that game.

Bracket winners will be determined by the following point system:
Win ----------3 (THREE) points
Tie -----------1 (ONE) points
Loss ---------0 (ZERO) points
Red Card (for a player), or Coach Ejection: Minus One (-1) Point per occurrence.

In case of a forfeiture, the game will be recorded as a 3-0 for the winner, and the loser will be recorded as 0-3.

If at the conclusion of bracket play, two or more teams have the same point total, advancement to the semifinals will be determined using the following tiebreakers in the order listed until a team is eliminated. Once a team is eliminated, advancement among the remaining teams shall again be determined by the tiebreakers in the order listed starting with head to head competition.
1. Winner of Head to Head (this criteria not used if more than two teams tied).
2. Winner of most games.
3. Fewest Red Cards and Coach Ejections during preliminary play
4. Goal Differential (goals scored minus goals against) with a maximum goal differential of three per game.
5. Fewest goals allowed.
6. Kicks from the penalty mark. Note: if the schedule is such that both teams are not quickly available for a shootout then another method (coin toss, etc.) may be substituted here at the tournament committee's discretion.

Penalty kicks used to determine a winner of tie breakers, semifinal or final matches will be run in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game.

The referee chooses the goal at which the kicks will be taken. The referee tosses a coin and the team who wins the toss will take the first kick. The home team will call the coin toss. Both teams take five kicks; kicks are taken alternately by the teams.

If, before both teams have taken five kicks, one has scored more goals than the other could score, even if it were to complete its five kicks, no more kicks are taken. If after five kicks the score is tied, kicks continue until one team has scored a goal more than the other (sudden death) from the same number of kicks.

Only the players on the field at the end of the match are allowed to take kicks. A different player must take each kick and all eligible players must take a kick before any player can take a second kick. On tiebreakers the coach from each shall declare the 11 players from their roster that they will use to take their kicks. If the player is under suspension they may not participate in the kicks.

For Under-8 through Under-10 games, unlimited substitutions may be made at any stoppage other than a Penalty Kick, with the consent of the Referee. Substitutions should be made from the center of the field. Substitutes should not enter the field of play until directed to do so by the Referee. Pausing play while players move outside the Play Out line prior to a goalkeeper restarting play by means other than a goal kick will not be considered a stoppage of play for substitution purposes.

For Under-11 and Under-12 games, unlimited substitutions may be made at any stoppage other than a Penalty Kick, with the consent of the Referee. Substitutions should be made from the center of the field. Substitutes should not enter the field of play until directed to do so by the Referee.

For U13 and Older: With the consent of the Referee substitutions will be made, from the center of the field, in the following situations:
- Prior to your team’s throw-in. If both teams have substitutes ready to enter on a throw-in, both teams may substitute at that time.
- Prior to either team's goal kick
- After a goal has been scored by either team
- During a stoppage of play for an injury (unlimited for both teams)
- At the Referee's discretion, at any other stoppage where substitutions are valid in accordance with the Laws of the Game.
- A cautioned player may be substituted for before the restart of play, however, this is not mandatory. If a cautioned player is substituted, the opposing team may also substitute one player.

A forfeiture will be called if any of the following actions take place.
(1) Any team quitting and/or leaving the field of play before the conclusion of a game shall forfeit the game.
(2) Teams will be allowed a ten (10) minute grace period from their scheduled kickoff time. If the team does not arrive in those ten (10) minutes, the referee will call the game a forfeiture.
(3) If either team does not have enough players to field a team (i.e., U9-10 needs 4 players, U11-12 needs 5 players, or U13 & older need 7 players) to play in their respective age division, after the ten (10) minute grace period, the referee will call the game a forfeiture.
(4) If a team is found to be using an ineligible player (before/during/after) the game, the Tournament Committee can call the game a forfeiture.
(5) In cases of repeated ejections of fans or coaches, the referee will call the game as a forfeiture.

Any team that forfeits a game is not eligible to advance out of pool play, or to receive any awards based on total points out of round robin play.

Any player, coach or fan dismissed from a game shall be ineligible to participate in the team's next game. At the discretion of the Tournament Committee the suspension may be increased and could result in ineligibility for more than one game.

No substitution shall be permitted for a player who has been sent off during a particular game.

A red carded player and his/her coach must report to tournament headquarters immediately after the game in which the card was given to determine the player's status for subsequent games. Decisions will be based upon the rules of the Nebraska State Soccer Association, in coordination with the referee and the referee assignor or site supervisor.

Each player Red Card or coach ejection shall result in one point being deducted from that team's total tournament point accumulation. Fewest Red Cards and Ejections may also be used as a tie-breaker for teams advancing to semi-finals or finals games.

Note: the referee assignor and / or the tournament director will report all red cards from the tournament to the appropriate state soccer association.

A coach is responsible for the words and actions of his players and their fans. Verbal abuse of the opponents or referees by players, coaches or spectators will not be tolerated. Violations may result in forfeiture of the game and/or expulsion from the tournament.

Abusive language and/or actions by players, coaches, and/or spectators will not be tolerated. The referee has the authority to verbally warn, caution, or send off the team coach for the conduct of the spectators.

The first team listed on the schedule will be designated the home team. The home team will be responsible for wearing an alternate color jersey, if necessary, as determined by the referee. The home team is also responsible for providing the game ball.

In most instances teams will be placed in single age divisions. However, due to the number of teams in an age division some teams may be placed in a division of two age groups, e.g. U15 combined with U16.

See the FAQ section for formation guidelines and winner determinations for specific bracket sizes.

In any bracket where a team that has forfeited a game would qualify to advance to a semi-final or Championship match, that team will be replaced by the next highest qualifying team.

Players must have matching uniforms with numbers on the backs of the shirt. Each player shall have a different number. The goalkeeper need not have a numbered jersey.

Shin guards are mandatory equipment. "Slide Shorts" can be worn if they match the color of the shorts. Knee braces and orthopedic appliances can be worn if hard surfaces, hinges, and edges are appropriately padded.

Hard Casts, Splints and Braces of any type: Players may play with suitably padded hard cast or other medical equipment at the sole discretion of the referee. Referee decisions on the safety of any padded equipment are final and may vary from game to game.

Head Gear: Padded head gear (such as, but not limited to, the equipment sold by Full 90 and Storelli) is allowed for any player.

TEAM AWARDS - U8 and younger
In accordance with USSF Player Development Initiative Guidelines, no trophies, medals, or plaques will be awarded at these age groups. All bracket play will be round robin style with no semi-finals or finals games to advance to. No standings will be kept. Teams in these age groups will, however, be guaranteed a minimum of 4 games to play during the tournament.

TEAM AWARDS - U9 and older
Player awards will be given to the players on the teams finishing first or second. Team awards (such as coaches plaques) may also be given to winning teams. Report to the field HQ at your site after your final game to receive your awards. Note: Any team that has forfeited a game (including a finals game) is ineligible for any player or team awards.

To help promote good sportsmanship and recognize good play, at the conclusion of all preliminary games each team shall pick a player from the opposing team to award a Player of the Match pin. Player of the Match pins will be given to all teams at check in. The selection criteria are up to each team, and can be based on sportsmanship, effort, offensive or defensive performance, or any combination thereof. To increase the number of players recognized, coaches may choose to remove from consideration players who have received Player of the Match pins in previous games, but this is not required. Teams refusing to participate after any preliminary match may be assessed a coach ejection by the referee, which will count against their point total in the standings.

Should all or a portion of the SocctoberFest tournament be canceled due to just cause or teams do not play their minimum number of guaranteed games, then refunds shall be issued as follows:

  Games Played:  None   One   Two   Three Four  Any Team that forfeits a game
U 7-U 8          85%    65%   40%   15%   $ 0        $ 0
U09 & Older      85%    60%   25%   $ 0   $ 0        $ 0
Games shall be considered played when the stoppage occurs after the completion of the first half of play.

No refund shall be issued to any accepted team that withdraws less than 2 weeks before the first game of the tournament, or more than 1 week after acceptance. No refund will be issued to any team that forfeits one or more games. The tournament shall make every effort to ensure a full referee crew is assigned to all games. However, lack of a full referee crew will not be grounds for any refund.

Participation in the tournament constitutes the approval by coaches, players and fans for the use of pictures, names, and addresses in the publicity and the promotion of this tournament.

PROTESTS AND APPEALS (worth mentioning again)
Protests of game outcomes will be considered for tournament rules violations only. Protests based on decisions or judgment calls by referees will not be considered valid. All referee decisions are final. All protests must be made in writing to the tournament director or his / her representative at a venue no more than one hour after the completion of a game. Protests must be made by the head coach only, per the roster presented at check-in, or by a rostered assistant coach in cases where the head coach was not present during the game in question. Any protests from parents, players, other club officials, or spectators will not be considered.


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