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Frequently Asked Questions

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What if our team has scheduling conflicts on the tournament weekend?
If your team has significant time blocks for which they cannot participate during the tournament weekend, this is probably not the tournament for you. In general, teams should expect a game on Saturday morning in the 8:30-Noon start time range, a game on Saturday afternoon in the 1:30-6:30 start time range, and a repeat of this on Sunday. Sunday afternoon games will be semi-finals or finals for brackets having championships, or a fourth round of games for all teams in younger brackets.

We do NOT guarantee to work around other league games or external conflicts for coaches or players, and in most cases we don't even try. Invalid excuses for scheduling exceptions include, but are not limited to:
- A team has a league game during the tournament.
- Players are involved with another sport or activity over the weekend.
- A coach has a commitment with another team that isn't in the tournament.
- Players have a commitment with a secondary team that isn't in the tournament.
- Coach or player job commitments.
- Extra-curricular School events (homecoming dances, football game rallies, etc.)
- Travel considerations, especially early departure requests for Sundays.
- Any religious exemption, on any game day.

Scheduling requests that may be considered (Friday games may be necessary):
- Academic testing conflicts (e.g., PSAT / ACT tests on Saturday mornings)
- Coaching two teams in the tournament (but NOT more than two)

We will make an effort to avoid game conflicts if a coach has two teams in the tournament. We are usually successful with 80-90% of those type of conflicts but rarely do we get to 100% conflict free. Be prepared to have an assistant coach or other coach from your club cover a game if needed. We usually have 15-20 brackets playing at the same time with only three game time slots to juggle to avoid conflicts between them.

Local teams may end up with a Friday evening game, especially to help avoid conflicts for coaches with multiple teams. This isn't always an option in all brackets, it will depend on the number of local teams in the bracket. Friday evening may have two rounds of games in the 5:30 and 7:00 p.m. time slots (or close to that).
I have paid but my application still says payment is Pending.
Payments made online through the tournament website do not automatically change the payment status flag in your application. Please allow 24 hours for the system to update. (Longer if paying by "E-Check" online).

Payments made by mail with checks or money orders are updated after the mail arrives. Checks will not be deposited until teams are accepted but the application payment status will be updated. Clubs sending one check for multiple teams will receive a separate refund if not all teams are accepted.
What are the acceptance criteria for SocctoberFest teams?
Our goal is to have the most competitive brackets possible based on the information provided in applications, and what we can research from league standings and previous tournament results.

This could mean not accepting a strong team where the majority of teams applying in that age group are at a lower level. Or vice versa.

Your application (and/or payment), whether on time or early, does not guarantee acceptance.

We are limited to a maximum number of teams to accept by the State Soccer Association's sanctioning and the total number of fields available. (Both these limits are in pretty good agreement.) Not all brackets will be formed, especially at the 11v11 age groups, due to space limitations. Brackets with less than 4 teams may be cancelled outright rather than spend extra effort to recruit additional teams.

Note: Requesting "Gold" or "Silver" placement does not guarantee acceptance into that level of play. Where application numbers dictate, all teams may be combined into one bracket at a given age group rather than offering both Gold and Silver. Older teams may be (and often are) combined into "High School" age group brackets.
How will my payment be handled?
All checks received for team registration payments will be deposited when your team is accepted. Lack of timely payment may be used as one of the criteria for determining which teams are selected to overbooked brackets.

Online payment made when registering does not guarantee your team will be accepted.

If your team applies as a standby after a bracket has been closed, your check will be held until a final decision is made on your status.

If your team is NOT accepted for any reason, you will receive a FULL refund of your application fee or your check will be shredded.

Payments made by PayPal will be refunded through PayPal to the account that made the payment, if that is an option (PayPal only allows refunds up to a certain amount of time after the payment is made).
What level of teams do you generally have?
For under 9 and under 10 teams, the level of play is generally top to near top level recreational play. But registration is open to all and we will try to balance teams as best we can. At these ages there often isn't much history to go on. For younger ages it is just open soccer for fun.

For older teams, we generally cater to Select / Travel teams only. This would be lower "Level 1" and "Level 2" teams in the Nebraska State Soccer ranking system. Stronger "Level 2" or top Rec teams have competed at times but are usually only considered if we have a true Silver bracket to offer.
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What about Covid-19 policies and procedures?
If the tournament is cancelled due to Covid-19 fears or other state of Nebraska closures related to Directed Health Measures, all teams will receive a full refund. Otherwise, our normal refund policies will apply to all teams.

The La Vista Sports Complex is a city-owned park. The city is taking appropriate precautions at the facility (cleaning bathrooms, concession areas, etc.). All players and families attending the tournament will be responsible for bringing their own hand sanitizer or other cleaning agents, and for following appropriate social distancing measures and directives.

The Nebraska MultiSport Complex is privately managed but also follows all city of La Vista and Nebraska health related guidelines and directives.

As of July, 2021, the City of La Vista is no longer requiring any signed waivers related to Covid-19. If that changes before the tournament starts, accepted teams will be notified of any procedures being implemented or re-implemented.
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How are the standings determined?
Bracket winners will be determined by the following point system:
(1) Win ----------3 (three) points
(2) Tie ------------1 (one) point
(3) Loss ---------0 (zero) points
(4) Red Card (for a player) or Coach Ejection - Minus one (-1) Point.

In case of a forfeiture, the game will be recorded as a 3-0 for the winner and the loser will be recorded as 0-3.
Where and when will the schedules be posted?
If you are listed as the contact for the team, you will be sent an email when the schedules are posted. This should be about 7-10 days before the tournament starts.

You can access the game schedules, scores and photos by clicking on the GAMES/SCORES tab in the red menu across the top of any page OR by selecting your division in the drop down menu along the left side of any page on the site. You may also search by Club.
How are tournament brackets formed and winners determined?

For 9v9 and 11v11 teams, the following applies.

4-TEAM BRACKETS (one four-team bracket): Bracket play is round robin games with each of the other teams in the bracket. The two high point teams advance to the Championship match. High point team will be the home team for the Championship.

5-TEAM BRACKETS (one five-team bracket): Bracket play is round robin games with each of the other teams in the bracket (each team gets four games). The highest point team will be the champion, with the second highest team the finalist, at the end of round-robin play. There will be no championship game.

6-TEAM BRACKETS (two three-team brackets): Bracket play is round robin games with each of the other teams in the bracket and one crossover game. First place teams of each bracket will play for the championship.

7-TEAM BRACKETS (one four-team and one three-team bracket): Bracket play is round robin games with each of the other teams in the bracket (the teams in the three-team bracket will get two round robin games). First place teams of each bracket will play for the championship. High point team will be the home team for the Championship.

8-TEAM BRACKETS (two four-team brackets): Bracket play is round robin games with each of the other teams in the bracket. First place teams of each bracket will play for the championship. High point team will be the home team for the Championship.

10-TEAM BRACKETS (one four-team bracket and two three-team brackets): Bracket play is round robin games with each of the other teams in the bracket. Teams in three-team brackets will play one cross-over game. First place teams of each bracket, and one wild-card team (highest points of non-bracket winners) will advance to semi-final games. The semi-final winners will play for the championship. Home teams for semi-finals and championship games will be determined as posted on the schedule.

12-TEAM BRACKETS (three four-team brackets): Bracket play is round robin games with each of the other teams in the bracket. First place teams of each bracket, and one wild-card team (highest points of non-bracket winners) will advance to semi-final games. The semi-final winners will play for the championship. Home teams for semi-finals and championship games will be determined as posted on the schedule.

In any bracket where a team that has forfeited a game would qualify to advance to a semi-final or Championship match, that team will be replaced by the next highest qualifying team.

If at the conclusion of bracket play, two or more teams have the same point total, advancement to the semifinals will be determined using the following tiebreakers in the order listed until a team is eliminated. If more than two teams are tied, once the first team is eliminated, determination for advancement among the remaining teams shall begin again using the tiebreakers in the order listed starting with head to head competition.

1. Winner of Head to Head (this criteria not used if more than two teams tied).
2. Winner of most games.
3. Fewest Red Cards and Coach Ejections during preliminary play
4. Goal Differential (goals scored minus goals against) with a maximum goal differential of three per game.
5. Fewest goals allowed.
6. Kicks from the penalty mark.
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How much parking is available?
Like most soccer tournaments, parking will be tight and we encourage carpooling whenever possible.

The CHI Health MultiSport Complex is split into North and South sides. While physically close to each other, they are separate facilities with no direct access between them. Parking tends to be tighter on the South Side (Fields 9-12). Overflow parking is semi-officially available across the street on the North side also, and depending upon your hotel accommodations there is pedestrian access to the North side from the hotels on Eastport parkway. Do Not Park on the access lanes into the facility.

The La Vista Sports Complex has two parking lots (East & West sides of 66th street), either may be used. Please follow the directions of the police and parking enforcement officers on duty to keep the flow of traffic as efficient as possible. Do not park along the shoulders on 66th Street, you will be towed.

There is NO charge for parking at any tournament site.
The SocctoberFest tournament is sanctioned by the US Specialty Sports Association, and as such has insurance coverage though them and the US Soccer Federation. Any USSF affiliated team applying to SocctoberFest is automatically covered through this policy and does not need to do anything else.

Foreign teams will be covered though special USSF coverage if they qualify. USSF will make this determination, not the tournament. All applications from outside the USA will need to be completed at least 30 days prior to the start of the tournament to allow USSF time to process their sanctioning.
May teams apply from outside the United States of America?
We gladly accept teams from outside the USA. However, the US Soccer Federation requires a minimum of 30 days advance notice to process sanctioning and insurance for teams not affiliated with USSF, thus we cannot guarantee acceptance for any teams from outside the USA unless your application is complete (including payment) at least 30 days before the start of the tournament.
The application form does not look right on my screen (overlapping drop down boxes, long rows over the input fields, etc.) What is going on?
First, you should let the ENTIRE form load BEFORE you scroll. It is a big form.

In short, your computer does not have enough memory (RAM) available to render the form correctly. Here is the solution that will work in most cases:

1. Clear the cache (temporary files) in Internet Explorer (Usually Tools>Internet Options>Remove Temporary files
2. Shut down Internet Explorer
3. Restart the computer
4. Open JUST MS Internet Explorer.
5. Go to Web site, fill out form.

In most cases, this will solve the problem according to our website host provider....
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Is our team required to stay at a tournament - affiliated hotel?
Yes, for teams outside the Omaha metro area that are planning to stay overnight this is a Stay to Play tournament.

A condition of hosting the tournament at the CHI Health MultiSport Complex is that we must use Complex-affiliated hotels through their housing partner, CSTT.

Click here to see available hotels.

Per our contractual agreement with the MultiSport Complex and CSTT, in exchange for their services we agree not to accept travel teams who are not in compliance with the Stay to Play requirements. It is important that you book under your team or club name (if multiple teams are booking at the same hotel) so CSTT can verify with us which teams are in compliance.

If individual players or families have relatives / friends to stay with in the Omaha area that is fine, as long as the majority of the team is making a good faith effort to stay in an affiliated hotel your application will remain in good standing.

If you have questions for CSTT, contact Lexie at or 866-861-8326 x 109
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What is the Team Check-In procedure?
Online check-in ahead of time is strongly encouraged. See the links on the tournament site or in your acceptance emails for instructions.

Teams that check in online should still come to the HQ check in area before their first game to pick up their tournament materials (Player of the Match Pins, etc.). We will also give you your Approved Roster and paperwork but there will be no need to go through it again.

All teams that do not check in online should check in prior to the scheduled start of their first game at the Tournament Headquarters. Please allow plenty of time for us to check rosters and passes. Early check-in options such as before Friday games, if available, will be announced before the tournament.

At in person check-in teams must:
(1) Provide TWO copies of their official state roster (one to be kept by the tournament).
(2) Medical release forms from your state association for each player. (returned to coach or team manager).
(3) Current coach and player passes, laminated, with photos. These will be banded and returned. We do not use electronic passes.
(4) TWO Copies of any Guest player form(s) (one copy to be kept by tournament).
(5a) Travel papers required for out of state USYSA teams (copy to be kept by tournament).
(5b) Proof of US Club membership in lieu of travel papers for US Club teams. (copy to be kept by tournament).

Player passes will be validated and returned to coaches, as will a copy of your roster and any guest forms with a Tournament Approval stamp on them. These should be kept with you throughout the tournament. Referees will check player passes at all games. Rosters cannot be modified after they are approved.

All teams must be ready to play at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, or 5:00 p.m. Friday for local teams.
How many guest players can I have?
You can have up to four (4) guest players per team with proper documentation. If you need an exception to this please contact the tournament director ahead of time. We will make every effort to accommodate you and get the kids a chance to play.

For guest players not on your official roster, please upload a guest player form ahead of time, or bring TWO paper copies with you for in person check in. One copy will be kept by the tournament, and one will be stamped as "Approved" and returned to you.
What do I need for registration / check in?
If you are checking in online, follow the upload instructions for your roster, player passes, medical releases and any optional forms.

If checking in on site, we will need TWO Copies of your current roster (one we will keep, one will be stamped Approve and returned to you), player pass cards, medical releases, and TWO Copies of any guest player form (if applicable - again, one will be returned to you). Teams from out of state will also need to have a travel permit from their state association if this is not included as part of your roster, or proof of US Club membership in lieu of travel papers.
How do I check on the status of my team's registration?
Log in using your assigned team Id number (it may look like WSC123456789) that was assigned to you when you registered. Go to the log in box under the Coaches tab in the left rail.
What if my team doesn't have the proper or complete documentation at check-in time?
Teams without a valid roster or travel papers will be allowed to participate in the tournament as a provisional team, but will not be eligible to advance to Semi-Finals or Finals games. If something is missing during the initial check in process, teams may have until the start of their second game to fully produce all necessary forms and paperwork. Otherwise all of a provisional team's games will be treated as friendlies and recorded as 3-0 forfeit wins for the opponents. Provisional teams are not eligible for refunds.

If a roster or other registration paperwork is supplied on time but is later found to be inaccurate (including, but not limited to, ineligible players or coaches) your status may revert to that of a provisional team and all previous games will be adjusted. Further sanctions, up to and including disqualification from further participation, may also apply. It is the coach's responsibility to ensure all documentation supplied to the tournament is accurate and complete.

Players without valid passes or medical release forms will NOT be allowed to play in any games until such paperwork is produced to the tournament director's (or their designated representatives) satisfaction. Passes or medical releases may be produced at any point during the tournament to restore eligibility for remaining games. However, players must be on the team roster presented when the team checks in, no players may be added once a team has checked in.
Where to I get forms needed for check in?
Medical Releases, Guest Player forms, and Permission to Travel forms (if applicable) should all be gotten from your State Soccer Association. These forms differ from state to state and we do not keep current copies of them all on this website.
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We will be posting questions on this page as they are asked, so check here before calling. (We are always are happy to talk to you, but this may save you time and a good healthy game of phone tag.)


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